Living Benefits

Life insurance you don't have to die to use.

Are you still protecting your family and finances with the “old kind” of life insurance that only pays out if you die?

Living Benefits life insurance is the new, evolved kind of life insurance.

With Living Benefits, you have the power to accelerate your death benefit while you’re still living if you suffer a heart attack, cancer diagnosis, stroke, or any other critical, chronic, or terminal illness.

Living Benefits safeguard your family from the cause of 50% of the bankruptcies in the U.S. every year – medical bankruptcy following a critical illness.


At Clear Solution Insurance, we think Living Benefits are the greatest invention since sliced bread – but don’t just take our word for it!

Below are the real, documented, heartfelt stories of ACTUAL clients whose lives were forever changed when illness struck. 

Owning Living Benefits life insurance from Clear Solutions Insurance, Inc was the difference-maker that saved their homes, their financial independence – and quite possibly their lives.

Latasha McCray’s Living Benefits Story

Latasha McCray was living her life to the fullest – she was in perfect shape, had a great job and a financial plan for the future. But when a breast cancer diagnosis turned her world upside down, Latasha found all of her well-laid plans crumbling around her.

Even though she had great health insurance, her plan didn’t cover all of her treatment costs. As the bills began to pile up, Latasha was forced to go on unpaid medical leave, dropping her income to zero.

Watch as Latasha tells the story of how her Living Benefits life insurance plan sprung into action at the time she needed it most, leaving her plenty of money to replace her lost income and pay for all of her medical treatments en route to a full recovery.

Cornelia Steinberg’s Living Benefits Story

Cornelia Steinberg didn’t think she needed life insurance.

Her ex-husband earned good money in his job, and she figured that if anything ever happened to her, her daughter would be well taken care of.

However, once Cornelia’s friend and adviser explained the reasons that owning Living Benefits life insurance made sense for her, Cornelia immediately saw the value as a “no-brainer”.  A few months later, that decision proved to be, as she says in the video, one of the best she’s ever made.

The Dudley’s Living Benefits Story

Sophia Dudley was young, healthy, and had just given birth to her and husband Carlton’s fourth child.  Life was good – until Sophia was shopping at the local supermarket and suffered three consecutive heart attacks.  In an instant, this two-income family dropped to a zero-income family, as Carlton had to take off work to care for Sophia and their children. 

Listen as the Dudleys describe what Alliance Group was able to do for them, and how Living Benefits saved them from financial disaster.

Jessica’s Living Benefits Story

Jessica and her husband were on top of the world – they had just welcomed their second child, Mason, into the world, and life was good.  On September 26th, 2011, Jessica received a call that would change their lives forever.  The grim diagnosis:  breast cancer.  Thankfully, Jessica had covered herself with Living Benefits a few years before.

Watch how that decision completely changed their family’s financial outlook, and led to a full recovery for Jessica and her family.

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